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Oberbilker Allee 29, 40215 Düsseldorf

Events an diesem Ort


14Jun19:0019:00Living Theory - Worldwide Tribute To Linkin Park


20Jun19:3019:30Crypta & Gäste

21Jun19:3019:30Downset. & Gäste

22Jun19:0019:00The Cranberries played by Light By The Sea

23Jun16:0016:00Tenacious G play Tenacious D - Sunday Matinee

25Jun19:0019:00Dropout Kings - European Summer Tour 2024


28Jun19:0019:00Dic 'n Vom Play Cryssis Feat. Laura Knapp



02Jul19:0019:00Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies

04Jul20:0020:00Skiltron - Special Acoustic Show

07Jul17:0017:00Statues On Fire - Sunday Matinee

11Jul20:0020:00Laid Back Country Picker

12Jul19:0019:00NIRVANA US play NIRVANA


15Jul19:0019:00Glenn Alexander & Shadowland

16Jul19:3019:30Turbo Acs & Gäste

19Jul19:3019:30Grade 2 & Gäste

20Jul20:0020:00D - Purple Play Deep Purple

21Jul16:0016:00Gum Bleed - Sunday Matinee Show - Support: Sons of Ritalin

22Jul19:3019:30The Dwarves & Gäste

23Jul19:3019:30The Casualties & Gäste

24Jul19:0019:00Angel Witch - Six Moons over Europe - Support: Spell

26Jul19:0019:00Ye Banished Privateers

27Jul19:3019:30Svetlanas & Gäste

28Jul16:0016:00Asomvel - Matinee - Show

29Jul19:0019:00El Perro

30Jul19:3019:30Planet of Zeus & Gäste

31Jul19:3019:30The Generators & Gäste


01Aug19:3019:30Smoking Popes & Gäste

02Aug19:0019:00Alex im Westerland - covern Die Ärzte & Die Toten Hosen

03Aug19:0019:00Blink-182 Tribute - Europe's Biggest Blink-182 Tribute Band -

09Aug19:3019:30Demented Are Go - Hellbilly Storm Over Düsseldorf - 2024

10Aug20:0020:00Freaks Off The Leash Play Korn

17Aug19:0019:00Elmsfire - Support: Elvenpath

21Aug19:0019:00S8nt Elektric

22Aug19:0019:00Tragedy - A Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees & Beyond - Support: Mambo Kurt

23Aug19:0019:00Twisted Sisters - All Female Twisted Sister Tribute Band


30Aug19:0019:00Megalive Play Megadeth

31Aug19:0019:00Defender play Manowar


01Sep16:0016:00Heiter bis Wolkig - Punk Kabarett mit Live-Kapelle - Matinee Show

03Sep19:3019:30The Lazys & Gäste

05Sep19:0019:00Tfnrsh (Tiefenrausch) & Wasteland Haze

07Sep19:0019:00Ragetrack play Rage Against The Machine

10Sep19:0019:00The Carburetors

11Sep19:0019:00Bonsai Kitten

12Sep19:0019:00Against Evil - Support: Ignition

14Sep19:0019:00Vipers play Queen

14Sep19:3019:30Bosstime - A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

15Sep16:4516:45Bokassa - All out of Dreams - Releasetour


19Sep19:0019:00Riskee And The Ridicule

20Sep19:0019:00Sad Play Metallica

21Sep20:0020:00Monkeywrench play Foo Fighters

22Sep17:0017:00The U2s Play U2 - Sunday Matinee

26Sep20:0020:00Jakob Heymann

27Sep19:0019:00The Silverettes

27Sep20:0020:00Green Bay play Green Day

28Sep19:0019:00Kommando Butterfahrt - Plus Special Guest

29Sep17:0017:00Clapton Experience


01Okt19:0019:00Gnome (Belgien) - Support: Ruff Majik (Südafrika)

02Okt19:0019:00Dumm & Glücklich covern Die Toten Hosen & Broilers

04Okt19:0019:00Living Theory - Worldwide Tribute to Linkin Park


06Okt17:0017:00Los Pauls spielen TRIO - Sonntags-Matinee

10Okt19:0019:00Masons Arms

11Okt19:0019:00Ski King

12Okt19:0019:00Blizzard of Ozz play Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath

14Okt20:0020:00Danny Bryant (Uk) - Rise Tour 2024

16Okt19:0019:00Transport League

17Okt19:3019:30Frenzy - 40th Anniversary Tour

18Okt19:3019:30Chop Suey & Machine Head UK

19Okt19:0019:00Cash - The Tribute play Johnny Cash

20Okt17:0017:00Given 2 Fly - The Pearl Jam Tribute - Sunday - Matinee

21Okt19:3019:30Nashville Pussy & Gäste

24Okt19:0019:00The Movement - DK


27Okt17:0017:00Temple Fang - Matinee Show

28Okt19:0019:00Band Of Friends Play Rory Gallagher

29Okt19:0019:00Randy Hansen - A tribute to Jimi Hendrix: European Tour 2024

30Okt19:0019:00Damian Wilson - Are We There Yet?

31Okt19:0019:00Ballbreakers play AC/DC

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